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Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries, is a camp, retreat and outdoor ministry of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  We pray that your experience at Heit's Point will "Strengthen your connections with the Vine," which is Jesus Christ.

Heit's Point provides a great location for family reunions.  Some families have been using Heit's Point for their reunions for years. Check out the Family Reunion Brochure <Click Here>

To learn more about how others have been changed by their experience at Heit's Point and other great news, visit and read our Heit's Point HiLites newsletters.  Follow this link:  http://www.heitspoint.com/newsletters.

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Added 7/9/2014:  Gary Barkhaus Bulletin #47 <See Below>
 Heit's Point Notes for Bulletins #47 by Gary Barkhaus 

Summer Camp – This week we hosted the 3rd through 4th grades for a Mini Quest session, the 3rd through 6th grades for a second ‘giddy-up’ session of Horse Camp, and the 1st through 2nd graders for a Discovery session at this year’s Summer Camp “We Are Chosen”.    Next up will be the 5th through 8th grades for Journey/Expedition Water Week session. There are only 4 sessions of summer camp left, however, there is still time to register your camper.  Registrations will be accepted up to one to two weeks before the start of each camp.  Please see the literature posted on the bulletin board for more information, go to www.heitspoint.com, or call Gary Barkhaus at 635- 9872.

Youth Groups – Tired of planning all the games and activities for your youth group?  Try adding Heit’s Point to your youth program!  Our staff is ready to help schedule an event for you that will help get your group excited about their lives in Christ.  Call our office today about the ways that Heit’s Point can be a part of your youth activities!

Family Reunions – Heit’s Point is honored when it can be a part of the joy, renewal, and strengthening of the families who use our facilities for their reunion.  Families are part of God’s great plan to care for his loved ones.  At Heit’s Point there is acceptance, love, encouragement, identity, support . . .the list goes on.  To see the faces of the people as they arrive and the glow on their faces as they depart; a wondrous thing has taken place.  Families have many ways to show identity and unity, to honor the memory of those who have departed and to show that the prayers of those assembled ascend to the Lord.  Family reunions and Heit’s Point are a great team.


July          13-18           Journey/Expedition Water Week     Grades 5-8
                20-23           Discovery 2             Grades 1-2
                20-23           Mini Quest 2          Grades 3-4 
                27- Aug. 2   All Camp              Grades 3rd – High School
                27- Aug. 2    Music Camp         Grades 5th – 8th  
Aug.        15-17            Fall Motorcycle Rally       

For more information call (660) 668-2363 or go to heitspoint.com or see Gary Barkhaus. 

 Be a Volunteer! 

The Lord provided each of us with talents that can be put to use in service to the Lord by serving others.  There are several ways you can choice to perform volunteer service at Heit's Point.    They include...

  • individual
  • part of a group from a congregation, organization, or service group
  • Work/Camper program.  Several individuals (single and husband and wife teams) come to Heit's Point for extended periods during the year, camp in our camp grounds, and perform volunteer work.  Most of these volunteers come during the sumer months, but this type service could be performed at other times during the year.  Camping services and meals are provided free.

Regardless of which category you might choose, your time and work will be greatly appreciated and respected.  We only ask that you coordinate your desires for service with us well in advance of when you want to come.   By contacting us early helps us better align your wishes and schedule with the needs of Heit's Point.  

Please email us at info@heitspoint.com or call us at 660-668-2363.