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Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries
Donation Opportunities

The benefits to your child when they attend summer camp are many.  Those benefits include:  develop/improve social skills, learn to work with others, learn team concepts so important today, strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, learn sports, and much more.

Wouldn't it be great if all children were able to attend summer camp?  Do you think it might make a difference over time in how our society functions?   Your support can help us make summer camp a greater reality in many kids lives.  The more financial resources we have available in the Camperships fund, the more children who do not have the funds will be able to participate.  In 2021 a week of camp costs between $365 to $500 at full price.

For those who prefer to have donations regularly deducted from their checking or savings acount, click on the Simply Giving Form link provided below.  This link opens a copy of the form that can be saved to your computer for later use or printed while online to your home printer.  After it has been printed, complete the form and mail it in.   

The Dollar-A-Day Club is an excellent example as to how regular giving can work.  Those who donate $365 annually will also receive a 50% campership discount card that may be used to encourage a youth to participate in summer camp.  Each donor can collect up to 3 campership cards.

A powerful way that you can support ministry is through estate planning.  If you considering estate planning and would like to include Heit's Point within your plan,  please contact us through email at or by calling 660-668-2363.  We can provide you information about ways you can help Heit's Point within your estate planning process.  Your gift helps to ensure Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries is there for men, women, and children of all ages.

Would you like to remember someone special and/or honor a special event in someone's life?  A gift to Heit's Point Ministries is one of the meaningful ways to honor someone you love, and support this ministry.  Simply print and complete the information requested in this form and send it to Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries.

We will send you the appropriate acknowledgement and include the information in our next newsletter.

A farm commodity, presented to Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries as a gift, may represent a special opportunity to make a donation and reduce your taxes if you are an operating, materially participating farmer (this arrangement does not apply to a crop-share landlord).  Grain and livestock are the most common commodity gifts.  Not only does Heit's Point benefit, but your income is reduced, your production cost is deducted from your income, and you may qualify for other tax benefits as well.

How to give a commodity gift:

  • Contact us when you have decided to make a commodity gift (grain, livestock, milk, etc.).   You can contact us by phone or email as listed on our Contact Us page.
  • Heit's Point staff will advise you regarding the simple procedure for completing the gift.

How this works:

  • As soon as you notify us of your decision to make a commodity gift to Heit's Point, we will ask you to sell the commodity for us, acting as our agent.
  • The buyer should be asked to make the check payable and mailed to Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries.
  • Please have the buyer enclose the following items with the check:  a scale ticket, auction receipt, or any other documentation of the transaction (quantity and condition of the commodity, name of the agent who delivered the gift on our behalf, etc.)
  • Upon receipt of the proceeds, we will inform you that the transaction was completed.
  • A charitable deduction is not to be claimed for this donation because the reduction in income fully accounts for the gift.
  • The proceeds from your gift will be used to enhance the programs and services we provide at Heit's Point.
  • Your own financial tax adviser should be consulted to determine how this gift applies to your particular circumstances.

Advantages to you:

  • You participate in the fulfillment of the Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries vision statement of "Heit's Point will be a Christ-centered refuge where a person's relationship with Jesus Christ is built, strengthened and encouraged".
  • By reducing your income, this gift procedure may benefit you by:
             -- Reducing your income tax obligation
             --  Reducing your self-employment tax obligation
  • A business deduction may be claimed for production costs, regardless of whether they occurred in the current or prior years.
  • You do not need to itemize deductions to benefit from your gift.
  • You can realize the benefits of this gift method even if you itemize deductions and are reporting gifts up to or exceeding the allowable deduction amount for the tax period.

For answers to additional questions you might have or to schedule an appointment with the staff of Heit's Point please contact the front office.


To make a donation, you can send a check to:

Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries

28345 Heit's Point Ave, Lincoln MO 65338


Make a donation through PayPaltm using the button below and send us an email, telling us you made a donation. Please ensure you include the date of the donation and amount.


28345 Heits Point Ave.
Lincoln, MO 65338 

Ph: 660-668-2363


"Strengthening the Connection with the Vine"


Heit's Point will be a Christ-Centered refuge where a person's relationship with Jesus Christ is built, strengthened, and encouraged.

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